We truly believe that effective audit policies and processes can help retailers/brands add to the tune of 1% to their bottom-line, which is a significant contribution, given the commercials of this industry.

Established as amongst the top 3 inventory audit service providers in India, we audit more than 2000 retail stores across 82 cities across the country. We have a local presence in the following cities across the country: Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chandigarh & Ludhiana. Our audits vertical offers a diversified portfolio of services encompassing inventory checks, cash audits, creation of fixed asset registers, customer reconciliation audits, warehouse audits and RTV audits.

Our customer base encompasses more than 50 retail organisations and >100 brands. Our team comprises of hand-picked individuals with retail background, having a detailed knowledge and understanding of retail processes across different formats. As a team, our collective retail experience is more than 100 years and it is because of this reason, we are able to design solutions for the most complicated requirements / situations for our clients with a 100% trust factor.

Inventory Audits with a detailed recap of shrinkages, mismatches
Global inventory cyclic counts
Monthly cash audits as an extension of Accounts Receivable team
Fixed Asset Register including catalogue creation & barcoding
Return-to-vendor audits to avoid ambiguities
Accounts reconciliation audits – periodic sign-offs
Large warehouse inventory & process audits