Mystique  Pvt. Ltd.

Industry Expertise

With over 9 years of operations, Mystique brings a tremendous experience with itself in the field of logistics, supply chain & retail verticals. We have been associated with the Luxury retail segment from the times when Luxury market in India was at an inception stage. We have worked with over 100 brands in our tenure across the premium, supra-premium and luxury band in the country. From project shipments, to setting-up of stores with JIT deliveries, to start of business operations……..we have successfully partnered with numerous clients during this journey.

Today, Mystique brings a combined experience of over 50 years of retail and more than 100 years of logistics operations. We fully understand the dynamics of these two industries and the vital role, which they play together to form the backbone of any retail organization. We also bring a relevant and appropriate experience on the audit side of our business with stakeholders understanding the sensitivity and complexity of retail operations and various loop-holes that have to be looked into for a thorough retail audit to be just to both the auditee and the client. With over 5000 audits annually, we have served our customers in more than 80 cities across the country. We successfully manage point-to-point over 2000 shipments each year from different parts of the globe.

Our guiding principle is meeting our customers' requirements at the right cost. The only constant factors are our dedication to teamwork, open-mindedness, adaptable to different needs of the business, tech-savvy professionals & our desire to attain customer satisfaction.