Nike Factory Store HSR

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If you have a Body, you are an Athlete. This is the famous quote of one of the founders’ of Nike: Mr. Bill Bowerman. The world of fitness and sports won’t have been the same if not for Nike’s ground breaking sport innovations.

Nike has been helping that help athletes expand their true potential and deliver their personal best. Our Nike factory store has something to offer to each one of you.

Our Nike factory store at HSR offers the best collection of Nike apparel, accessories and footwear. It is the ultimate destination if you want to grab some amazing Nike products at the best prices.

Bangalore has two of our premium Nike Factory Outlet stores. So, if you search for a "Nike factory store near me,” then our Nike factory outlet at HSR, Bangalore will definitely pop up.

Our stores offers a diverse collection of Nike products, such as thongs, running and training gears, football and basketball shoes for men and women, tees or casual polos, and much more. What sets us apart - we offer these amazing products at markdown prices, all throughout the year. So, don’t wait anymore to buy your favourite Nike Air Jordan, Zoom, Air Max or Nike sneakers. The amazing opportunity awaits!

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