All companies are faced with the challenge of old/unsold/return inventory at the end of each season. It is often said that the companies which have an effective control over their inventories will usually be more successful in the retail domain.

Returns management has become an important part of the order fulfillment cycle. Delivery errors are increasing exponentially with the continuous growth of omnichannel commerce, direct store shipments, direct home shipments, and complex global sourcing. Mastering the returns management or reverse logistics process has a direct impact on the cost of doing business and on the level of customer service.

Returns management operations get less attention and are generally placed under a subsidiary part of the existing logistics functions.

However, at Mystique, we have identified this as an integral part of the effective supply chain and are offering solutions to our customers to effectively manage this part of the operations with a better yield at the end of the day.

With our Returns Processing Centers across Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru, we are effectively churning more than 100,000 units every month. It is only once the returns have passed the Quality Control stage along with different processes of refurbishment, that they can be re-supplied to the stores / factory outlets or e-commerce channels and sold to new customers.

We work with some of the most prominent names in the fashion, apparel & footwear space including but not limited to Myntra, Celio, Lotto to name a few and manage different staging of the product requirement to complete the refurbishing process.

Quality Check
Stitching jobs, if required