Mystique  Pvt. Ltd.

Supply Chain

Mystique offers a Global end-to-end and time definite Supply Chain Service Bouquet. Services including Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Warehousing and Distribution are provided to clients. We provide our clients with logistics solutions that are completely integrated with their in-house supply chain management requirements.

We are an enhancement of our client's in-house logistics management team. We shortlist & manage the best service providers considering client's budget, nature of business etc. Unlike a 3PL firm that only offers a day-to-day transaction based services, we also identify opportunities for overall improvement in operations, customer service & revenue model by adding transparency in the complete supply chain which leads to better decision making.

Since we are non-asset based 3PL firm (4PL), we have the flexibility of analyzing & changing service providers, if required. All this is done without affecting the client operations. We are a single window contact for our clients for managing multiple service providers.

Mystique's suite of value added services include the following.
  • Kitting and final assembly

    It entails assembly of different parts to form a final kit for order fulfillment. This service is especially suited for customized orders of variable kit sizes.

  • Poly-Bagging & Shrink Wrapping

    It is also called co-packing and consists of wrapping different products together. It is especially suited for launching new products as free gifts with old products or for promotional offers like free gifts.

  • Labeling

    We undertake label application services for customer supplied or Mystique generated labels as another value added service to our clients.

  • Packing

    It entails packing the merchandise in special wraps supplied by the client

  • Pick/pack services

    Mystique has large experience in breaking down large shipments to ship smaller quantities to fulfill individual customer orders. It also encompasses picking individual items from cases/off the rack & packing them to fulfill individual customer orders.

  • Site Selection

    Selecting the right location for a regional distribution centre is the first step towards a satisfying supply chain. Size, physical location, budget, operations costs & proximity to the target market are key factors. In addition to these there are other vital attributes that are often overlooked during site selection.

    Mystique has considerable experience in setting up distribution centers in different parts of the country for its clients.

  • Rate Assessment

    While outsourcing logistics, one important factor is to cut down on the costs without affecting the competence levels. Mystique has the ability to conduct a formal examination of a client's logistics history to determine the vital areas of cost cutting. These may include the manpower, warehousing & transportation requirements. We work with a variety of transportation agencies which suit varied requirements of different clients.

  • Inventory Management

    Mystique has a proven track record providing the best in inventory accuracy. Our inventory control teams conduct regular cycle counts at all locations. This enables us to ensure a quantifiable inventory accuracy of 99.9%.

  • Freight Management

    Over a period of time Mystique has been able to create a pool of service providers that have proved their competence in transportation & other vital areas. Our freight management capabilities enable us to offer a unique combination of flexibility & creativity. Leveraging our experience & the expertise in freight management, we are able to offer our clients with different models of pick-ups & delivery including reverse logistics, shop-to-shop transfers etc.

  • Vendor Management

    Vendor Management services include: Load Planning, Load Tendering, After Hour Service Coordination and Track & Trace Services. Our services are ideal for clients who need assistance in managing the load planning activities & carrier performance with the aim of load consolidation & optimization. Once shipped, the customers can contact our tracking team to get the latest shipment information.

  • Customs Clearance

    Custom clearance services include: preparing, checking & processing the documents, Duty calculation & deposition and shipment delivery.

  • Freight Forwarding

    We have a panel of service providers who are experts in international cargo movements. Our partners prepare & process the documentation, shortlist carriers for transporting shipments via Vessels, Airplanes, truck or rail.

  • Project Handling

    Not all our customers require a regular warehousing/logistics support. For such 'Short Term' customers, we provide services & support only for the duration of the project. The clients have access to all our services for the duration of the project. We also offer competent and competitive supply chain services for project cargoes, acquiring special licenses for importation of such project equipment etc.