BOH Manager

Location:- Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Zirakpur, Dahisar
Openings:- 5
Experience:- 5-6 Years

Job Description:

  1. Inward and Outward from Nike and Stores (IST) and keeping a track of the
    • Same in a file and send the required documents in HO on time.
  2. Mail to Nike if required, to be done as per process.
  3. Ensuring that the stock received at store is on floor within 24 to 48 hrs.
  4. Ensuring that that the BOH Team is thoroughly checking the stock received
    • From Nike and ISTs for any defect, dirty or mismatch.
  5. Nike dirty, defect & shortage closure to be done with brand.
  6. Claim to be processed in 60 days.
  7. Stock is kept article wise (Apparels & Footwear); Accessories & Fitness need to be kept in transparent plastic bags/boxes with proper labelling.
  8. All Apparels at maximum time is to be kept in poly bags (gelatin).
  9. Top 20 Articles of Apparels and Footwear need to be at the start of the BOH room, so that it is easily available for all staffs.
  10. NVSA order processing to be done timely with records maintained.
  11. Top 20 seller and Bottom 20 sellers’ identification and sharing weekly with SGM/Store Head.
  12. Slow sellers mail fortnightly to be sent to other stores for requirement.
  13. 100% RFID implementation on below points:
    • Stock Inward with RFID
    • Daily Inventory upload with Handle device
    • Stock Audit every month with RFID – to be aligned with SGM/HC
    • All products without RFID tag’s product to be RFID hard tag enabled.
  14. Maintain Scrape sale register / mail.
  15. Claim stock and Fresh defect stock to be kept segregated and in correct bin.
  16. External Warehouse SOP to be adhered and responsible to do Monthly Audits.
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